Friday, September 9, 2011

iPad Listening Activity

We have moved to a 90 minute block schedule this year which is a big adjustment.  We see the kids for an honest rehearsal, but every other day.  We will have to reinforce "perfect practice" at home so we can continue to move forward.

Choir is up to 38!  That is a big group to manage and will take a lot of my time.

One adjustment with the block is substitute plans need to be much more involved.  A 90 minute block is hard to fill when you have to write everything down.  Doing busy work is tough because that is a lot of class time you won't get back.

I wrote up this iPad listening activity for the music theory students to use on Monday when I am out.  I tried to get an activity that gets them:

  • Listening to different music.
  • Researching some concepts using the internet.
  • Thinking, evaluating, analyzing.
Hopefully it works!  I don't see them again until Wednesday of next week.