Monday, January 10, 2011

Theory Exams

So I have been trying to make the classroom more learner-centered. Its kind of working.

I had an idea for students to write their own exams. Its not a new idea, but I though I would give it a shot.

Today we did the following:
1. I asked them to list what they have learned in class.
2. We discussed. They listed things like "scales, solfeg, etc...". We talked about this is really learning that music is organized sound.
3. I asked them to prove it. Prove they learn what they said they learned. I did not give them suggestions on how to do this. I did not want to be the creative force. They need to think up ideas.
4. I asked them to come with ideas tomorrow. "I have learned that _________ and I will prove I have learned this by doing/making/writing ________________ "

Hopefully, it works. I'll post how it goes.