Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How The iPad is Changing the Music Department

Guest post by Andrea Avila and Kylea Jackson who are seniors in my choir.

In September 2010, my choir class received fifteen iPad's to broaden our music technology knowledge. We use the iPad's for a variety of things. We use them for practicing our songs by going onto the internet and going to musictheory.net to learn how to sight-read.

We can also use Youtube to look up different songs and different artists. Also the iPad has the piano app and we use it to practice the notes. Another cool thing about the iPad is that we can record the song we sing.

Whats changed so far is that we don't just use them for fun, we actually use them for things in our class. We use them for education and I love them. It's also about the experience in working with this type of technology that can better advance us in the music field.