Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Recovery

Today I really played trombone for the first time since my stroke on December 11. I hadn't played at all in about three weeks. No excuse, I just hadn't been playing since I went on leave.

I am about 98% there. Now that might be OK for awhile, but that last two percent is the tough part. That last two percent is what enables me to play and think and adapt. I notice my reading is much improved, but I couldn't learn from my mistakes. If I made one error I kept making the same error. I would not feel comfortable to take a gig right now (not that anyone is calling...).

I expect to play a lot when I get back to school as we are doing the Aebersold Maiden Voyage in band. This will give me a chance to relearn my scales and see if I can apply them when I improvise.

I really need a choir accompanist. I worry about my ability to play piano and listen to choir at same time. I have a lot to relearn.

I find my writing has improved dramatically in the past week. I can write in paragraphs a lot better now. Still, it is not quite right (notice almsot every sentence starts with I). I still think in bullets and write the same way. I have trouble thinking macro form (beginning-middle-end).