Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My week so far:

1. We are working on Alleluia (SSAA version) and we actually made it all the way through with piano. I'm hopeful we can make it. I have used this primarily as a device to learn how to read rhythms and it seems to be working fairly well. But.....it really doesn't sound good yet. Hopefully we can get out of the score soon.
2. I gave my three clarinets in developmental band a trio to learn on their own. They really seem to be tackling it, analyzing it, and fixing stuff on their own. I hope they stick with it.
3. We played through most of Band Room Rock with the 4th graders. I'm running out of time for concert and pulled this out hopeful that we could basically read it. I need to really do some concert prep and plan things out.
4. Finished writing the iPad grant. We need equipment here and we need it badly. The iPad would be a great tool for us.