Sunday, April 11, 2010

CMEA 2010

I spent the weekend at the All-State Conference here in Connecticut.

Some highlights:

1. The groups were fantastic. I had two students in the choir and they learned a lot. The band had a great sound, the jazz band had some great soloists, and the orchestra was very precise.
2. I wasn't overwhelmed by the sessions, and I didn't hear of any "must sees". There was a lack of energy around. Perhaps less people attending. However, the presenters were engaging and pleasant. I enjoyed seeing James Frankel. Funny guy.
3. I think the Honors Elementary Choir went well and I am glad they did it.

Some challenges:
1. This festival is way too expensive for students and teachers. Lets reinvent this idea.
2. There is a startling lack of food options and the convention center.
3. Lack of wi-fi is a pain.
4. Music educators are not thinking about sharing their work using technology. There is a very different feel at other conferences. Try to find a picture or video from the conference. Only one presenter was podcasting.
5. I really do not understand the no-applause-after-National Anthem thing they do.