Friday, April 30, 2010


Are there too many tenor saxophone majors? College music performance programs have expanded over the past few decades while music performance jobs seem to be shrinking.

I believe there may be a conflict of interest at many schools. They require tuition money to survive. Can they counsel performance majors effectively about the economics of playing music?

Are there more than three full time tuba players in Connecticut? How will any tuba majors find work?

I get the "music for its own sake". I took 50 non-major credits at Oberlin. I studied it because I wanted to. I also knew there was no chance I would beat out my classmates for serious trombone jobs (they are now in Vanguard band, etc..).

Seth Godin recently wrote about changes coming in higher education. If there is a demand for musicians will we see a return to the "University of the Streets"? I don't see how this economic model where students are paying more per year in tuition than they will ever earn in a year surviving.