Thursday, January 16, 2014


We are producing Seussical, Jr. with our Freshman Choir.  This is the first play/musical at SHS in many, many years.  Everything is new (tickets, sets, lights, cast, rehearsals).

I decided to do this as a curricular activity.  Each year during the 3rd marking period I have always done a Broadway/Standards/Pop unit where we work on phrasing, learn tunes, and do a lot of individual work.  We are doing the same thing, just doing it on stage.

We had auditions today and I was really happy with the positive energy from the group.  It was very hard to decide on some of the roles.  Out of 27 students in class, probably 22-23 of them could play any role.

Now we start rehearsals.  I am lucky to have lots of help.