Saturday, December 28, 2013

Concert Evaluations

Samples from student concert evaluations:

What did you learn?

Nothing is easy. You have to work hard for those few minutes.

The concert always comes realllly fast and when you're there, you know why you signed up for choir.

To not be afraid of letting your voice be heard and to just have fun with what you are doing.

I have learned that chorus goes a lot better when everyone stays focused and mature. I have also learned that choir gives you a lot of opportunities and you meet good people.

I have learned that you can't rely on your peers to pick up your slack. When it comes to it, you have to remember when to sing, when to use dynamics, and when to breathe. You can't count on other people to remember those aspects of each song for you.

I learned that I have stage fright and that I should refrain from smacking my head on lockers beforehand.

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