Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grading Reflection: Band

This is the form I am asking my students to complete.  I am also providing them with their Smartmusic scores on this sheet.  I would love a good way to summarize their data better.  Choir has a similar sheet.



There are four items we have focussed on in Band for Marking Period One.

1. Sightreading.
  • Procedure: Starting pitch.  How many measures?  Where is Do?
  • Rhythm.  Count and clap.  Internalize pulse.
  • Pitch.  Find DO!!  Maintain tonality.  What key am I in?
  • Looking ahead.  Playing one measure while reading the next.
  • Basic treble/bass note identification

2. Tone.
  • Placement (reed, hand position, jaw relax, etc…)
  • Intonation
  • Double tonguing.
  • Blend with section.

3. Technique
  • Scales
  • Knowing fingerings, positions, notes, etc...
  • Application to songs.  Recognize accidentals.

4. Professional Behavior
  • Showing up on time.  
  • Being prepared for rehearsal and performances.
  • Proper rehearsal behavior
    • Marking parts
    • Posture
    • Attention and participation

Please briefly summarize your performance on each of the above standards.  Please provide specific examples of how you have improved and what your grade (A, B, C, etc…) should be.

Standard 1: Sightreading Student Grade:_____
Level 1 Score 1:     Score 2:
Notes highest score:

Standard 2: Tone Student Grade:_____
Benchmark Score 1:          Score 2:

Standard 3: Technique Student Grade:_____

Standard 4: Professional Behavior Student Grade:_____

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