Thursday, October 3, 2013

Going Paperless: an Update

I have been trying to go about 98% paperless.  Here is an update.

1. Using the iPads as a folder is going pretty well.  It is much easier in rehearsal.  It is easy for students to switch between parts and there is never "I forgot my music".  It is a little less successful in freshman choir where I am 20 iPads to 30 students.  One issue we may start coming up against is the page flips in band.  We have a few pieces that have awkward page turns.

2. Edmodo has been working very well.  We are doing all of our writing, announcement, polling, quiz through edmodo.  One thing I would like edmodo to do better is archive messages.  I would like to be able to pull back messages I send to a student at a conference, for example.

3. We have to get better at sharing.  I have not yet seen students sharing resources.  I need to find a way to encourage that.