Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I'm enjoying Edmodo more and more.  It seems like a good way to get assignments out, and to get writing assignments back.

What I haven't quite figure out:

  • Submission of assignment like recordings, videos, papers, etc...
  • Search and archiving.  When I do the class next year how easy will it be to pull information?
  • I have to leverage SMS/email alerts for the students.
  • Convincing parents to enroll.
I had a discussion with my Smartmusic rep since I have pretty publicly stated that "Smartmusic is on the iPad" is a bunch of hooey.  He seemed a bit tired since he convinced A LOT of schools to get smartmusic for the new data push and A LOT of these school are 1-1 iPad now.  I got the impression they are "working on it" and its not nearly fast enough.

A main point I told him was that:
  • I paid for "Smartmusic on the iPad".  They have my money.  Get it shipped.  Full version.
  • If you can't then at least have the software display a warning when assignments do not appear "Student: your teacher HAS assigned this exercise, but it is not available on the iPad".  Currently it just does not show up.  The deployment of this in the classroom becomes enormously complicated.
I spent an hour today typing into a stupid pdf form that I then discovered would not save my typing.... I swore out loud, I admit.