Monday, July 1, 2013


I am exploring using badges in my classroom, inspired by Doug Belshaw, Vicki Davis, and our very own Mike Oberdick.  I will be teaching a one semester class called "freshman seminar" next fall which is pass/fail.  It seems well suited the badges ideas.

The two platforms I have looked at are ClassBadges and ForAllBadges.  I'm not in love with either of them.  I am hoping for a rather dynamic reporting system.

I expect to have a series of required badges.  You must complete the badge to pass class, based on the curriculum.  Badges like research paper, note taking, presentation skills, etc... I also hope to add "fun" badges like attended dance, played a school sport, sang in concert, etc...

The hard part is figuring out how to use badges in my graded classes.  I can offer badges, but the next question will always be "so, whats my grade?".  I need to figure out a way to make that translation.  In my high school band we literally had badges for All-State, years in marching band, etc... I might do something like that.  But I need to make it cool enough for the kids to keep checking on their account.

Comments welcome!