Saturday, May 11, 2013

Smartmusic for iPad

Some thoughts about the release of Smartmusic for iPad.

1. I still can't figure out the cost structure.
2. I'm worried this will be a space hog on the iPad as students download files.
3. If we implement I anticipate either providing some students with subscription and/or loaning the iPads out for home use.
4. I see this as a digital library where I can "try out" a band piece with my group.  We are 1-1 iPads in my band (1-2 in choir).  If it works I'm not sure why I would buy paper copies of music.
5. This encourages me to go all digital next year.  Each student in band would be assigned an iPad and choir students would be iPad buddies.  I went half way this year with digital folders.
6. It would be nice if you could "sync" smartmusic ala garageband jam session so multiple kids could be assessed during rehearsal.