Friday, May 3, 2013

Hip Hop iPad Assignments

This is a "kind of" fun day where I want you to explore some new things, either on youtube or apps on the iPad.  Some of this stuff is music knowledge we need to gain and start practicing.

Some of your iPads might be missing an app.  Let me know if that is the case.

1. Watch this new animation of a Beastie Boys interview Its kind of cool.

2. Can you clean your iPad out?  Look for junk in the photos, or garageband or other apps.  Delete old stuff you made.  Be careful not to delete other students work.  Have you logged out of everything you ahve been using?  If dirty use the special cloth to polish screen.  Use the windex on the back.

3. Play the Dust Buster piano app.  Try to learn one song that you can then play on the real piano.  You want to play the touch piano and then the Germ Attack game.  If you want to switch use the "real piano" option.  Start with the simplest tunes.

4. Play with some of the groove apps like Beatwave, Groovemaker, Melodica Free, or Electrobeats.  Show teacher your best groove.

5. Play with DJay Lite.  We used this a bit at the beginning of the course.  Most of the iPad music is in "the cloud".  You may need to listen to the music in the iPod Music part and download songs you want to the iPad.  I haven't quite figured this out.  Remember, samplers take music from non-hip hop type music.  You can sample from Bach, James Brown, John Coltrane, etc...

6. Work on your ear training with APS Trainer.  Start to figure out when notes are flat or sharp.  Ask me if you need help.

7. Create a youtube playlist called "Hip Hop How to Videos".  Add this video to your list  Find two other dance how to videos that you think are good and would like to work on.

8. Try the DragonBox game.  Its kind of about algebra.

9. Play with some of the Rap apps.  Rap to the Beats or Rap Wars.  Are there better apps out there?  Do some research and write me an evernote note why I should add it.