Sunday, October 28, 2012

iPad in the Music Classroom

Jim Frankel write this post about iPads.

Chris Russell wrote this response.

Amy Burns wrote this response.

All of the above are smarter than me.  I have a bit of trouble writing still, so bear with me...

In general I completely agree with Jim.  There is a lot of wasted technology going into iPad programs.  I waste a ton of time.  I haven't wasted a ton of money, but I spend a LOT of time making mistakes.

Why I hate the iPads:
1. They take forever to update, sync, maintain, count, lock-up, charge, clean.
2. In general, nobody cares.  If they didn't care about music before, they still won't care when you have iPads.
3. Most people don't get it.  I'm always explaining.  I wish people would visit.
4. Its really, really hard to stay "innovative" and think of new projects that will get funding.  Especially now that iPads are everywhere.
5. iPads/Apple do not fit in with the school or grant budget cycle.  Nobody had iPad mini on their horizon 12 months ago when they were writing this years budget.

Why I like the iPads:
1. I could never, never do most of the things I do in class.  I can't bring my band to the computer lab to record/compose 8 measure songs.  I can't tell the sopranos "watch the youTube video" of their part while I work with the altos.  I can't pass a desktop to a Downs Syndrome kid so he can create drawings of our sound while the band plays.
2. I never teach software.
3.  I get to do stuff like this: