Monday, May 14, 2012

iAlchemy reflections

Our iAlchemy performance took kids who weren't performing in our band or choir (in general) and had them perform on iPads as full members of the orchestra.

From their reflections.

Write about the experience.  What did you learn?  Give specifics and details.
This experience really opened my eyes to the real professionals that are out there. Until that night I never realized how much work and time these people put in. I wasn't sure of how I would feel about the symphony orchestra because it was something that I had never experienced before, but now I would love to go again. I learned that even all of the preparation in the world still can't fully prepare you for things that go wrong, but I also learned that when things do go wrong, you can't stop. You have to push through and make the show enjoyable for the crowd regardless of what happens, and I think we accomplished that. I also learned that pushing yourself pays off. In the beginning this seemed like an impossible task to reach and achieve, but we did it, and I am so proud of that. We put in countless hours of practice for this to try and maximize perfection, which gave us a little taste of what the WSO musicians do every day. I am so thankful for this opportunity because it allowed us to have a professional experience in a real world event, one that marked the start of something new, we werent doing a mock performance in a high school setting, we were in the action, making the difference by showing that students such as ourselves were capable of succeeding in a professional setting.

I thought this was an amazing experience. I was never into classical music, but after seeing the symphony play I was amazed. It was a life changing experience. I had no idea it was possible to make such ear soothing music with all of those instruments. When I first found out about this project I thought it was really stupid and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. After this experience I am so glad we did this. It honestly made me appreciate this genre of music so much more. Everyone of the musicians at this event were extremely talented. This event made me understand the dedication these musicians have. I am honored I was able to participate in this event