Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A few tough days

Had a few tough days at school.  Kids are doing OK, but I'm just pretty tired.  I'm having a hard time keeping my head rested while at school.  Disruptions to the schedule, changes of plans, etc...are just completely draining to me.  Its like the lights go out in my head.  11 months since the stroke....

Building a program is hard.  Daily battles about turning stuff in, why we have to learn how to read music, why we have to stand up straight, etc.... We'll get there.

But I am so excited about the growth of the program.  We truly have exponential changes in the groups.

We have:

  • Thirteen students signed up for CMEA auditions (one last year).
  • 36 students in choir (12 last year)
  • We are singing two more songs than last year in choir.
  • We are playing Level 1 music in Band.  Four of the eight students started their instruments on September 12.  Some of them are really excelling.
  • Music theory is way ahead of last years group.
One month until Winter Concert.