Saturday, November 12, 2011

Choir Assignment

I needed an assignment where I could split my group into sectionals. Twelve kids were involved in three self-directed sectionals and the remaining 24 students did this assignment in pairs (w/ and iPad). It gives me a chance to teach in small groups.

Today’s assignment should help you learn some items on your checklist.  You are also expected to demonstrate collaborative behavior.  

Work together to accomplish each task.  I must initial each for you to get points!  Plan a strategy so you get at least 100 points total.  Yes, you can get extra credit today.

I will be working in small groups today.  I will announce “I am now working on CFAs”.  If you want to join us, fine, if not keep working.

___________ Practice rhythm CFA.  Demonstrate for Mr. Schneider (15 pts).

___________ Complete iPad Nota Quiz on notes.  Get a respectable score (10pts)

___________ Complete and upload a ShowMe iPad presentation about one of the following subjects;(40 pts)

___________ Listen to choir music from our website.  Have music and pencil out. (15 pts)

___________ Play Bingo or Old MacDonald on the piano for Mr. Schneider (20 pts)

___________ Play “I’m Yours” on the iPad banjo and sing along. (30 pts)

___________ Answer the following questions about Mr. Schneider (15 pts)
    • Where did he go to high school?
    • What is his main instrument?
    • What does he coach at SHS?
    • What are his daughter’s names?