Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow. In October.

SnowtoberOn Saturday I was at the CT Cross Country Championships.  Twelve races over seven hours.  We were the last two races of the day.  An hour before we were to race it started to snow.  Hard.  They then postponed the rest of the races.

The ride home, which normally takes 50-60 minutes took almost 2.5 hours.  Not easy.

And the races have yet to be rescheduled since 800,000 customers are with out power in Connecticut.  A mess.

Marking periods are closing, league and state tournaments are in limbo.  But.....what to do with Halloween?  Most towns are pleading with their citizens to stay home.  Limbs and wires are still down and it is not a good idea to send kids out in that.

How has technology influenced all this?  People definitely expect to be SENT their information now.  "Why didn't I get a call?" is a common refrain.  A trusted organization must reliably and consistently push information out.

I have no idea what this week will bring.  My house is down to 49 degrees.