Sunday, October 16, 2011

October News

Seymour High School Music News

Contact Info:
Brandt Schneider, Director
1-203-881-6286 (mobile)
twitter: brandtschneider

1. We have 15 students signed up for CMEA auditions!!  They extended the deadline.  Contact me if you would like to be added to the list.  Some of you owe me some money for this activity.  In choir we have been practicing every day.  
2. Legacy Productions will be recording the groups in the spring.  We will be producing an mP3 album that will be available for download.  We believe in creating professional experiences for our students and this recording is part of that goal.
3. The Partnership with the Waterbury Symphony has begun to garner some press coverage.  Prof. Doug O’Grady at WestConn is composing a piece entitled iAlchemy.  The piece will feature a string quartet, percussion quartet, woodwind quartet, brass quartet, and iPad quartet of SHS students.  This piece will have its world premiere in May.  I will be choosing the students for this activity soon.
4. Extra help is always available.  Ask.  Some grades are lower than they should be.  Practice is your homework.  Practice is assigned every day.
5. iPads are available for sign-out.  Ask.
6. Many students are behind on their smartmusic assignments.  They need to come in before or after school or during study halls to catch-up.  I very highly recommend purchasing smartmusic for home use (  A very good investment!!
7. Dress for concerts is white top, black shoes, and black skirt/pants.  More details to come.
8. Parents and students can listen to grades and assessments by logging into
9.  We have a department facebook page and an alumni page.  Join us!  

Upcoming Dates:
November 19: CMEA auditions (morning)
December 15: SHS Winter Concert 7pm (every SHS music student will perform)
December 19: SHS Snow Date
January 13-14: CMEA Regional Festival (1/20-21 snow date)
February 4: All-State Auditions (for those who make regionals)
early April: Recording session
April 12-14: All-State Festival
May 4: Spring talent Show
May 12: Waterbury Symphony Performance
May 16: SHS Spring Concert
May 18: Tentative Lake Compounce Trip