Monday, August 17, 2009

Post #1

Here we go....

I have started a new job as band-choir director at Seymour High School in Connecticut. I have taught at this school for the past three years as a web design instructor and have transferred into this position. I will also teach elementary band in two elementary schools.

I'm not sure where I will go with the blog but above all I hope to make this about my experiences as I tackle this opportunity. I hope to share ideas and get feedback. I hope my students read this blog and work on communicating as well.

I will work on setting this up and getting the bells and whistles going. Some things I hope to write about shortly:
  • HS Developmental Band. I was handed this class, but we don't have any instruments. Its been the task for this week.
  • Discovering the culture of the department. What do the kids, parents, staff believe in? What should be the role of the department?
  • Pep Band with eight kids. I am not sure what we will be playing.
  • 20 teenage girls in choir vs. one "less-than-middle aged" man. I hope this is fun. It should be great.

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