Monday, August 24, 2009


I wrote this with my team a few years back and I can't find much to change. Thoughts?

The purpose of music education is to prepare students for a lifetime of active, satisfying involvement with music in a variety of forms. Each student needs to develop an appreciation for music and the arts through exposure to different styles and genres and to experience the use of a variety of media.

In this age of ever-changing technology, music remains a constant. It is our responsibility to ensure that students do not lose touch with both the historical and cultural traditions of society. Through a diverse musical education, students are not only able to express and communicate the aesthetics of their own culture; they are able to participate in traditions that are representative of a multitude of belief systems from around the globe.

Music develops higher-order thinking and creative problem solving. It fosters self-discipline and self esteem. Students of music learn to analyze, reflect upon, and constantly improve the quality of their work, resulting in a sense of achievement and success. Music offers these experiences not only on an individual level but also on a collective one. Leadership opportunities are presented, and the success of the collective goal is contingent upon the individual's responsibility. By developing musical skills, understanding, and appreciation, students are prepared to make both musical and non-musical contributions to society.

Music education allows students of varying abilities to explore the full potential of their creative talents and intelligences. Participation in music offers students opportunities to succeed and excel. A quality music education program increases learning in other subjects and creates a positive and inclusive school atmosphere.

Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Through a quality music education we hope to foster independent, self-directed, and creative learners that will prepare students for developing and enjoying the new frontiers in our culture and society.