Friday, September 23, 2016

MusicFirst--Post #3

Here we #3.

I am getting a bit more used to MusicFirst.  But...

  • Discussions Tasks does not work at all.  There is no "Discussion" as we understand it in Facebook or Edmodo.  A student will submit a comment--but nobody else in the group can see it.  It is very confusing.  They have to choose "reply".  Not intuitive (based on the fact that 1/2 my students did it wrong)
  • I can "attach" a rubric--but I can't save it or add it to my favorites.  I have to retype it each time.  Even worse--I can't USE the rubric.  It does not come up when grading the assignment.  This is an online classroom.  It really needs checkboxes on the rubric to go straight into gradebook.  The rubrics need to be saved and viewable by the students, otherwise--what is the point?
  • When grading a submission I have to make four clicks to get to the next assignment to grade.  Why not have a "Next submission" button?  
  • MusicFirst connects to Musition and Auralia and you can load assignments and quizzes, but you can't include them in categories on your gradebook.
  • Every time someone turns in an assignment I get sent a message and I CANT TURN IT OFF.
  • I need to be able to assign things to multiple classes.  Every other software can do this.  
So, is it working? I think so.  Is it efficient? Not at all.  Not yet.