Monday, August 8, 2016

MusicFirst impressions

I am a few weeks in to MusicFirst.  I purchased the online classroom and sightreading factory.  I spent a bit of time online with a very nice lady in support.

Some initial impressions:

  • You are not able to share announcements/tasks/pages between classes.  So if I write "Listening Assignment" in Choir and add it to "Favorites", it will not be available in Band.  I have to retype it.
  • If you make an assignment to save, and type in the Rubric, add to Favorites--the rubric won't save.
  • If you make a "rehearsal" on the class calendar--it won't show up for students.  For band/choir events this doesn't work.  If you typed "Concert" in band, you have to retype it in choir.  And it wont show up on the student calendar anyway.
  • There is no checkboxes for assigning work.  You have to make a group. (edit: I think I figured it out.  You can assign assessment to individual students)
  • Why do I have to click "Make Visible" for a student to see Assessment.  If I schedule it for a certain date--shouldn't it be visible then???
  • There is really no ability to make announcements (ala facebook or Edmodo).
  • There is a messages function but you can only message one person at a time.  You can't message the class or a group (!!).
  • When grading you can't click "next item".  You have to go back to the grading screen, scroll down, and click the item to move to the next thing to grade.
  • "automatic" quizzes (multiple choice, etc...) do not self grade.  A score is reported, but you still have to go in to change "score" to grade.
I am a bit frustrated.  I feel this might work for sightreading and theory assignments but it doesn't seem to work at all for everything else.  I feel I will have to retain Edmodo and other services.  I was really sold with a "everything in one box" sales pitch.

Obviously, I hope for smoother paths again and I am sure I will end up loving it.  One day at a time...