Friday, January 8, 2016

Family Choir

As part of a district initiative to increase parent involvement in schools I started the Seymour High School Family Choir.  In November I sent letters and emails to all parents and faculty inviting them to join us at our concert next week.

My plan was as follows:
1. My goal was to include as many adults as possible.
2. I want them to full members of the choir: dress in black and white, sit with group, warm-up with us.
3. I wanted to encourage singing.  We don't sing much anymore.

This is what happened (so far):
1. I had 15 parents/grandparents and 3 faculty members attend the rehearsal last night.
2. We decided to sing O Sifuni Mungu.  This was slightly challenging because of the language, but we got it done.
3. There were lots of smiles.

I am looking forward to our concert and growing our community with these new members.