Sunday, April 7, 2013

NAfME All-Eastern

I recently returned from the NAfME All-Eastern conference where I presented "Creative Uses for the iPad in Music Class".  I was lucky to have a full session.  I'm not sure I did too good, however.  I tried to include student examples.

A few observations:
1. It would be great if the BOCJ groups were at the conference and you didn't have to take a bus to go see them.  It is much more fun to stop in at rehearsal between sessions.
2.  Almost nobody was at the 8am session with Tom Duffy.  People should have been there.  One of the best things I have seen in awhile.
3. It was neat to meet up with some twitter colleagues.
4. There is almost no social media presence (or internet presence) by the conference or the attendees.  I'm almost certain this will be the only blog post.  Not sure why there is so little reflection and advocacy from this group.
5. Its really helpful when the convention center offers the wifi in the hallway and has the concession stand open.