Friday, December 14, 2012

Technology Assignments in Choir

We have 5 iPad2 and 14 iPad1 for students to use.  Two PCs and a macBook.  Today I need to have some structure, some exploratory time, and some drilling. Here are todays assignments:

Choir Assignments (do one half today, one half next week):

1.  Complete your reading assessments in Smartmusic.  You get one attempt on each exercise.  You can do the assessment in solfeg or on LA.

2. When all students have completed the reading assessments you will complete your Per La Gloria benchmark.  You can do this multiple times to get the best version.  

3. In both assessments please do your best.  Show evidence of posture, breathing, open vowels, closing consonants.

4.  While waiting to sing you should have your headphones on listening to Per La Gloria using the iPad or your phone.

Additional work (choose one):

1.  Complete the “Winter Concert Evaluation” form on the Seymour High Music Website.  This is a test grade.  Be sure to give complete, thoughtful answers.

2.  Watch any Broadway, opera or classical singing show on the PBS app.  Check out the “Great Performances”.  Have discussions with the teacher about what you see, how the performers use their mask, breathing techniques, and performance attributes.

3. Go to and practice note recognition for ten minutes.  Show teacher.

4. Play in a music app like voicejam, garageband, beatwave, etc... Show teacher.

Opposite assignment:  Create an iMovie trailer. We want to get used to this program. You can create a movie on any fun subject.

Rules: Be polite, do not disturb classes, follow school rules.  Make it fun(ny).  Complete in one period.


Chorale: Complete your video performance of Jingle Bells. Be sure to work on facial expression, vowel placement, and most of all PITCH.