Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iPad "3"

The iPad announcement was today and I am currently waiting for the software updates to download.  I may wait until tomorrow when things quiet down on the servers.

Some intriguing items:
1. Days after highlighting the need for String samples in garageband they seem to have added them.  This is needed for our iAlchemy performance.  I have not tested the sound yet.  Chris Russell suggested Thumbjam which is a definite step up from what we had.
2. Jam sessions in Garageband?  I can't figure out how this will work but will try it tomorrow.
3. iMovie update.  This file is downloading now and is huge.  They have added trailers and more of the functions seen on the desktop version.

The iPad is becoming a strong creation device.  Dropping the iPad2 to $399 will drive a lot of sales as they get rid of inventory.

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