Monday, February 13, 2012

Using Garageband in Music Theory

Song: Amazing Grace

Objective: Orchestrate one verse Amazing Grace using iPad Garageband

Parameters: in G major, 3/4 time.  Must have bass line, melody, and harmony parts.  Students will be limited to creating five tracks.  I will allow them to use loops.

Prior knowledge: Students had assignment at last class to play Amazing Grace on piano.  They should have it in their ears at this point.  They understand the harmonic movement.

End Game: Each orchestration will be played for class.

Teacher instructions: Almost none.  The teaching will be done AFTER the assignment is done.  Lots of "why did you choose that?"  I am working hard to establish that they have responsibility for what they write, even if its Garageband.

Assessment: At this point I just want a working version.  Students will assess on their own which version is best.  Hopefully they itch to create "take 2".