Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How the iPad has/will change the music classroom

I polled my students.  Some results:

The apps on the iPad helped me learn.

This should be setting off bells everywhere.

The iPad helped me discover new music that I wouldn't normally listen to.

A great tool for music teachers?

I wish my textbooks were on the iPad.

Big, big money is about to get involved.  Will most teachers be expected to create their own materials?  I know I am expected to.

I am waiting for two more big grant announcements.  I know that I will be getting the iPad2 (or 3?) in the next year.  I need it mainly for the mirroring.  I also will explore the MIDI and recording aspects.  I hope to use an iPad to record school games, concerts, and events.  We will become more mobile, more accessible, and more fun.

I also hope to scan music into the iPad.  I never got to that this year.

Nobody in my department can envision working without the iPads.