Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grant Writing

An update on grant writing:

1. The 2010-11 Matthies Grant is done.  The report has been submitted.  We still have to do the data analysis on the project.

2. We have reached the second round of applications for the Valley Community Foundation.  This grant will fund the partnership with the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra and Western CT State University.

3. By Sunday we have to submit for 2011-12 Matthies Grant.  This is an exciting project where the WSO is commissioning a piece for our iPad ensemble to perform with the WSO in their season finale.  Exciting times.

4. I've sent other applications to Horns for Kids and Donorschoose.  Waiting on those.

5. I'm trying to start an instrument donation drive.  No luck so far.

6. We have a school talent show fundraiser next Friday.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Its not easy, as you can imagine.  There are so many reasons not to bother.  Its hard to raise money.

I'll let you guess what my school allotment is.