Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WCSU Meeting and Ordering

Today I went to Western CT State University to meet with an old friend, Dan Goble. We worked together a lot when I was at Derby High School. It was a productive early meeting and we threw around some ideas of how we could work together. We had these initial ideas:
  • Students will visit WCSU for a day and explore offerings.
  • Use SHS as a lab for iPad apps and discussions for grad students.
  • Use WCSU faculty and students as a sounding board for technology ideas.
I have also started the first round of ordering:
  • 15 iPads ordered. No discount for schools.... $20 discount for volume.
  • I ordered a storage/charging cart from Spectrum. By far the cheapest. Hope it works.
  • Sound system and TV display, probably from Soundtree. I definitely prefer them, but waiting to see how many quotes I need. I've gotten two quotes that didn't beat their price. I trust them.